COVID posters

£55.00 excl. VAT


Posters are a great way to get your message out the crowd quickly and economically.
Our paper posters offer the best value and print quality but we have many other substrates available

A4 size x 10 – 170 gsm –   Artwork supplied £19.00.   custom colour:£37.00.    New design:£55.00.

A4 size x 10 – 210 silk gsm –   Artwork supplied £22.00.   custom colour:£40.00.    New design:£58.00.

A3 size x 10 – 170 gsm – Artwork supplied £35.00.   custom colour:£53.00.    New design:£70.00.

A3 size x 10 – 210 silk gsm –   Artwork supplied £38.00.   custom colour:£56.00.    New design:£74.00.

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